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Elegance, top-level performance, comfort and safety on board are distinguishing marks of the Beneteau brand, historic French shipyard, a leader in producing sailing and motor boats up to 60 ft of length. Why Beneteau? It is the first shipyard in Europe and the second worldwide: this results in excellent boats that are always updated in terms of design, technologies and technical solutions; with time, these features contribute to keeping boats at a good market value and encourage their retail as used. Choose the model that meets your needs best or contact us directly and we will do our best to identify and recommend you your new Beneteau.


First 14 a partire da 10 990 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

First 14 is a simple, fun and strong sailing boat, solo or pairwise. Carefully studied in design and ergonomics, this sailing dinghy is the ideal access door to overboard navigation and fun.

Hull length 4.2 m
Light displacement 67 kg
Hull beam and max beam 5 m
CE certificate C - 2

First 24 a partire da 47 400 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

Elegant while racing as well as on cruise, First 24 provides an unequalled compromise in the category of high-performance sailing boats, which have boat trailers and are habitable. Perfect for four-person racings, it can accommodate six people for daily trips.

Overall length 7 m
Hull length 7 m
Light displacement 960 kg
Hull beam and max beam 2 m
CE certificate C - 8

Oceanis 30.1 a partire da 100 000 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

Thanks to its platform at the bow, to the angular hull and its elegant freeboard/deckhouse proportion, Oceanis 30.1 adopts a small yacht look. Its Finot-Conq floor wins for a double challenge in terms of power and navigation simplicity. Thin bow, optimized weight, bowline advancement and antler mainsail allow to proceed quickly at all points of sails. For starters or for navigating with a reduced crew, simplicity is granted by self-tacking staysail and only winch. Chasing performance, Oceanis 30.1 offers a big overlapping genoa, a on reel-code zero or an asymmetric spy. Aft, through a simple step it is possible to have access to the sea and this can be completed by a liftable platform.

Overall length 9.53 m Hull length 8.99 m
Light displacement 3995 kg Hull beam and max beam 2.99 m
Engine power 15 CV Fuel capacity 130 L
CE certificate B6 / C8 / D10 Freshwater capacity 160 L

First 53 a partire da 482 800 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

Successor of a more than 40 years experience of the First range, which was launched by BENETEAU in 1977, First Yacht 53 bets on competitive cruises. This luxury performance unit was created for needy ship owners and sail experts. High-performance hull and balance at boat’s wheel guarantee unique feelings. Clean deck floor, marine and innovative interiors, which are enriched with laminated wooden moulding, on the white lacquered background of the bulkheads: with First Yacht 53, First new generation is already on their way!

Overall length 17 m Hull length 15 m Light displacement 15500 kg
Hull beam and max beam 5 m CE certificate A10 /B12 / C14 Freshwater capacity 720 L
Engine power 110 CV Propulsion Sail drive Fuel capacity 400 L

Oceanis 46.1 a partire da 228 900 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

Oceanis 46.1 enters the dimension of big yachts and provides a deicate balance between elegance, volumes available and performance. Its redan-type hull lends a great naval behaviour and frees exceptional interior volumes. Various functioning and personable devices guarantee a simple and extremely comfortable navigation.

Overall length 14.6 m Hull length 13.65 m
Hull beam and max beam 4.5 m Light displacement 10597 kg
Fuel capacity 200 L Freshwater capacity 370 L
Engine power 57 CV CE certificate A10 / B11 / C12

Barracuda 7 a partire da 26 700 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

A smart and functioning sport fishing boat, Barracuda 7 arises from the experience of the last Barracuda tours. Sport, comfortable and adjustable, this new outboard boat offers two equipment versions and about thirty options. Its original driving position suggests extraordinary sea trips.

Overall length 7 m Hull length 6 m Light displacement 1965 kg
Hull beam and max beam 2 m CE certificate C8 / D8 Freshwater capacity 50 L
Engine power 200 CV Propulsion Fuori bordo Fuel capacity 200 L

Flyer 7 SPACEDeck a partire da 21 400 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

Wakeboard, surfing, fishing, relaxing or bathing in the sea? Thanks to its polyvalence, its charming style and ease of use, Flyer 7 SPACEDeck is the perfect solution for recreational navigation 100% fun and unconstrained.

Overall length 6 m Fuel capacity 170 L
Hull length 6 m Freshwater capacity 50 L
Hull beam and max beam 2 m Engine power 200 CV
Light displacement 1473 kg CE certificate C8 / D9

Gran Turismo 32 a partire da 273 100 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

Its design mirrors the range: tight and dynamic lines. Its profiles reflect the light with elegance and innovation. At the upper floor of the deck, the passage between the areas is balanced, as evidence of a boat that has been studied carefully. Thanks to a comfortable interior height, Gran Turismo 32 will win the followers of the “open” philosophy over, who will never have the feeling of being trapped.

Overall length 9.95 m Hull length 9.63 m
Hull beam and max beam 3.32 m CE certificate B8 / C11
Engine power 700 CV Fuel capacity 2 x 400 L
Freshwater capacity 160 L Light displacement 5 377 kg

Flyer 5.5 SPACEDecka partire da 935 700 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

An uncompromised day-boat, Flyer 5.5 SPACEDeck is spacious and can accommodate up to six people for a wide variety of plans. Easy to transport on a trailer, it offers various options that will make it a very personal outboard boat.

Overall length 5 m Hull length 5 m Light displacement 1204 kg
Hull beam and max beam 2 m CE certificate C6 / D6 Freshwater capacity 55 L
Engine power 140 CV Propulsion Fuori bordo Fuel capacity 136 L

Swift Trawler 30 a partire da 666 300 € Neomarine - Servizi per la nautica

The smallest one of the “Great Travellers”, Swift Trawler 30 combines marine style and quality in a delicate balance. This boat is designed for life on board, the smallest of the Swift Trawler set provides various innovations and breaks autonomy records.

Overall length 10 m Hull length 10 m Light displacement 6000 kg
Hull beam and max beam 4 m CE certificate B8 Freshwater capacity 300 L
Engine power 380 HP Propulsion Entrobordo Fuel capacity 700 L


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